If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of cultivating our inner resilience. This word is used a lot, but it really means the ability to accept this key fact: You cannot control the events that happen to you, but you alone can choose what to focus on and how you respond

It is completely normal to be affected by what happens to you. But what will set you apart from the rest of the world, and be the defining factor in how much whole-life success you have, is this resilient mindset. This week, I wanted to share with you three ways you can establish this mindset even in the face of challenges and problems. I use these every day in my businesses to drive our success as well as help us make the most of the one chance we have on Earth.

As you read, I want you to remember that you are capable of overcoming anything that comes your way. These challenges will help you remember that you are strong enough to get to where you need to be in order to accomplish your calling in this world. 

However, challenges are a part of the journey. They always will be. But when you have a why that is bigger than yourself, and the mindset that comes along with being this Force for Good, you will see them for what they are: a necessary part of your story that helps you build your inner strength.

#1: Prepare for Crisis, Don’t Anticipate It

I am a firm believer that you need to prepare as much as possible for potential crises. However, there is a huge difference in being prepared and living in constant fear that something bad will happen to you. Whatever you focus on expands. If you are having a bad day and your focus is on all the things that are going wrong, odds are the day will continue to get worse, because that is where you are sending all your energy. If you choose to ignore the bad and focus on the blessings and opportunities you have, then your day will be exponentially better because you have reframed your mindset into a resilient one. 

You should still take steps to be ready if the time comes. Just remember that the worst case scenario is usually not that bad and rarely comes to pass. The only reason you worry and don’t take action to move forward is because you are relying on your reactive survival instinct. If you know in your heart you are prepared and have the confidence you will survive and thrive no matter what happens, failure will never be an option. 

#2: Strengthen Your Circle

You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you. It’s imperative that you surround yourself with people who will not allow you to self-sabotage or spiral. While everyone has insecurities from time to time, it’s important that those around you do not allow you to stay down. Build up your circle by finding a mentor or other leaders you want to be like. To create real impact and fully live within your purpose, you need a tribe of people who enable the right behaviors and help keep you on the right path.

#3: Give Yourself Grace

I know this sounds simple, but I have seen too many people lose everything because they couldn’t give themselves grace. Hate, shame, insecurity and anger  are slow-drip poisons that can do a ton of damage over time. They quietly seep into every area of your life, affecting your perspective and coloring your decisions. They will rob you of your joy.

Not only does giving grace mean you must forgive others, it also means you should forgive yourself. I often see entrepreneurs judge themselves so harshly because they are comparing their journey to someone else’s highlight reel. They want to be perfect right out of the gate, when the reality is that things are never going to be perfect. It’s so important to understand that failing is part of the process. Mistakes are always going to happen. And setbacks are merely a learning opportunity. Embrace them, learn from them and use those lessons to strengthen your future plans.

Remember what you are capable of overcoming not for the sake of overcoming it, but so that you will always remember you are strong enough to get to where you need to be in order to accomplish your calling in this world. 

Suffering for the sake of suffering is not part of the deal. Suffering is part of the journey, and when you have a why that is bigger than yourself, the suffering takes its place. It is not THE journey, but it is worth it as part of it.

If you’re having a hard time finding this inner strength, go back to basics. Remind yourself of your mission and vision for your life. Focus on that purpose and commit to doing the work – even the small things – to making that purpose happen. If you do this, there is no future where you fail even in the hardest of times. You’ll get through it, you will learn, and you will level up to be ready for your next challenge. 


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