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by | Jan 30, 2017 | #AskBritnie

Do you think education is important when it comes to real estate, like going to school to get a degree?

Ignacio Trimco @IgnacioTrimco 

Absolutely. Education is important in whatever you’re doing. Do whatever you can to be as educated as possible. Why? Because it helps you skip levels. It doesn’t mean you can’t invent new things if you don’t have an education, but I’m not gonna not study and not work to learn and understand what I can in order to go to the next level.

I did not go to college because when I got into this business they didn’t teach what I needed to learn, so I was very self-educated. My mom homeschooled me and I know how to be self taught. However, it would have been much easier had there have been a class on what I wanted to learn, but there wasn’t.

Something that I live by is to mix earthly knowledge with heavenly wisdom. God can’t explain to you a breakthrough idea in a language you don’t understand. So he can’t talk to me about how to cure cancer if I don’t understand that medical language. But He can tell me about how to buy real estate in certain areas that will eventually change the world.

Gain as much earthly knowledge as you can get, go for it, and be a forever learner.

What books would you recommend for someone starting out in business?

Janice Armstrong @thejanicearmstrong

I recommend Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill. It will help your mindset, it will help you write business plans, it will help you put your life together. Its the most impactful book I’ve ever read, and the only book I could read 100 times and would give to every person I know.


How do you know who to hire?

When you’re first starting out you probably just need a warm body to do your tasks. As you grow, you decide to hire people with experience, and not just your friends. But then you find out those people may have experience, but are terrible human beings.

So the way Aerial did it was we created a set of core values in which we all operate out of in the company. We started interviewing people for positions based off those values and we got the right people.


How do you know when it is time to hire someone?


Jenny Schaffer 

When you can’t do anything else yourself. Most startups are consistently asking because you as the entrepreneur, you aren’t trained to know everything. I would recommend starting out doing everything yourself, finding out what you’re not good at, what you don’t enjoy, and what someone else could do better than you. So you write a job description of all the tasks that you don’t love, then you star all the ones you do love. When you are totally overwhelmed and you feel like someone else can do those tasks for you, that becomes a job description. And remember, during that time of transition with the “hand off” of tasks, you will be working longer and harder because you have to train that person.

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