How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Blog

Often times in life, we try and put ourselves on a pedestal. We aim to be “perfect” and are constantly proven wrong after we fail time and time again. Why? Because we are human. We are meant to make mistakes. 

Instead of trying to put myself on a pedestal of standards dictated by human opinion, I figured out who my best self was. From knowing that, I know what I need to be every single day, to make my one chance on Earth matter.

To figure this out, I asked myself these questions:

  1. What is the best version of yourself?
  2. What do they look like?
  3. What do they do?
  4. Who do they surround themselves with? 

Then, I named who that person is.

The best version of myself is Faith, my middle name.

I am the second oldest child of six. My mom named me Faith after she had complications with her first pregnancy and was told she wouldn’t be able to have any more children. Carrying this name has given me a huge responsibility to live up to the person God has planned for me to be. God does not expect us to be perfect. He expects us to be Faithful in all that we do and He will allow us to go through things that will give us great testimonies of that Faith.

I learned after lots of frustration and anger at what seemed to not be going “according to plan”, that trusting God’s plan is the best thing I can do in every aspect of my life. He is the only one who knows what is waiting for me, what I will overcome to get there, and how I will accomplish my goals.

I recommend asking yourself- “What is the best version of me?”. Take the time to really think about the answer. Name that person and then remind yourself of them everyday.

HEveryday I wake up and remind myself of Faith. And I remember this:

Stay in a constant state of Faith because when your Faith is bigger than your Fear there are limitless opportunities to bring the future to the present.

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