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Pain = Purpose

Nobody attempts something great with the expectation of failing. I've found that when you experience failure, you have to regard it as a learning opportunity. It's the only way. Yes, we all feel some degree of embarrassment when a carefully laid plan doesn’t work out....

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Back In BVI

We’ve produced a documentary, “BVI Strong: A Story of Resilience and Recovery,” and we’re now producing a series, “BVI Stronger.” Click here to get involved.

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Real Estate Development as a Force for Good

  Those who have achieved great success have a moral obligation to use their position and influence, as well as their resources, to become a force for good in the world. We’ve done this as a nation for a long time, helping reduce poverty and human suffering in...

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Frustration: Your Greatest Asset

What I’ve learned is that frustration is one of the best things you can ever experience because it means you have a vision of a higher standard, a sense that there is far more you are meant to accomplish with your life.

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My 2018 Challenge for You

Like the residents of the BVI, people in the Napa Valley rely on tourism for their livelihood, and many of them are wondering how long they can hold out with so many vacationers deliberately avoiding the area. In fact, the locals we met were delighted to see us. A few hugged us and thanked us for visiting there when so many are staying away. I learned that sales were down by 70% in what should have been the most lucrative month of the year for the vineyards and wineries, because that’s when they get most of the wine club signups that carry them through the rest of the year.

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Vacation as a Force For Good

So, maybe it isn’t what it used to be, but we’re already seeing green where weeks ago there was none. And do what I did, if you don’t love the way the trees look, look at the water. It’s as beautiful as ever. And from my experience, the people are so genuine and so grateful that you’re there, they do whatever they can to treat you like royalty. And it feels so good knowing that by simply spending money on a meal, or a hotel room, or a catamaran rental, you’re helping people who really need it.

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How the BVI is Finding Hope in a Hopeless Situation

There’s a story to be told about the BVI, and it’s not a story of devastation and loss. It’s a story of resilience and recovery. It’s a story about how one small nation is responding to devastation and loss in a way designed to catapult it into a better future. It’s a story that needs to be shared with the world.

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