Creating Thriving Communities Through Intentional Development

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As developers we have an opportunity to build a community that can positively and significantly influence the health of its residents. This is why my team and I created the first health and wellness cottage community in Nashville- East Greenway Park.

When we were first looking at the development I asked the team how we can do something great for the surrounding community by mindfully developing this 10-acre piece of property. How can we positively impact the entire surrounding community, not just the community within our own development?

So, we studied everything and them we implemented. We put in access to the park and greenways and more sidewalks all around the neighborhood. There’s an outdoor gym, urban gardens, public bike racks and bike work stations, a public dog park, and multiple outdoor gathering areas including a fire pit, picnic tables, and grills.

My favorite part of East Greenway Park is hands-down the direct connection that is has to Shelby Bottoms Greenway. The ease of access to a park and what that can do for someone’s well-being is absolutely priceless. To be able to give individuals and families access to that much nature has been one of the greatest joys of my life because I see how much it impacts people’s livelihoods and childhoods.

The entire neighborhood itself is oriented around tree saves, parks, and courtyards. We have seen how this promotes a type of community that is not found in many places anymore, sadly. Neighbors get to know each other and children get to play in safe spaces in between their homes while also being exposed to nature. Being able to step away from technology to play and explore outdoors is vital to a healthy childhood.

For the people without children, it’s still great because you get serenity of being surrounding by nature in your home with the comfort of knowing that you’re only 10 minutes away from Downtown Nashville.

I truly believe that there is something for everyone at East Greenway Park. We did a diversity of housing stock so that the community can be a mixed-income community. This was one of the hardest things to pull off well but by God we did it!

These homes are some of the lowest priced new construction homes in Nashville but definitely one of the best quality with the most stunning designs that someone will find. The interiors included designs that you would not normally find at some of these price points. My team and I put in crazy vaults, skylights, high-end granite, wood floors, high-quality cabinets, and Restoration Hardware lights.

We put so much intentionality into the design of these homes from those interior features to color-matching the paint on the exterior of the home to colors of elements found in nature. All of which are meant to create an inspiring space that is also great for entertaining.

As with all every Aerial home that is sold, we sponsor and orphan in Africa for a year in the name of the homebuyer. Something unique to East Greenway Park though is that every homebuyer in this neighborhood receives a bike so that they are encouraged to enjoy the greenway while also lowering the carbon footprint by getting cars off the road.

Once complete, East Greenway Park will include 62 cottage-style homes developed in multiple phases over several years. We are currently building Phase 2 of the development with only a couple of homes left available in previous phases.

I have already been able to witness first-hand the impact that a health and wellness community has had on the neighbors and community members. I hope that developments such as this are used as case studies for other developers on how to design and build intentionally to create positive impact within our communities.

I am so excited to announce that East Greenway Park will be on Urban Land Institute’s Spring tour as one of the main projects being looked at as a case study for excellent development.

Whether you’re a developer, or a creator in any field, you have the ability to shape culture and communities. I encourage you to be intentional and understand that by doing so you can create a ripple effect for change. Think deeper. Be a Force For Good. #JoinTheForceForGood


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