SOLD- The magic behind Aerial homes

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get from people who are interested in developing real estate is, “What is the magic behind an Aerial home that makes them sell so fast?”.

The biggest advice that I can give is to understand the buyer. Nowadays, people want to live incredibly fulfilled lives. They want to be a part of their community. They want to share with people, and they are more aware than ever that they only have one chance at life.

At Aerial, we believe that living in an inspiring space can help you live your best life. People feel that, and they understand it without you even having to say it when they walk in to an Aerial home.

From my 10+ years of experience in this industry and selling hundreds of houses, I’ve pinpointed that the top 3 things that distinguish Aerial homes from others on the market::

#1. Environment and Proximity

Location is not all about selling. It’s about putting a homeowner close to places and people that make their life better. This is why my team and I believe in building in the urban-core around parks. Having access to a park and nature, while also only being minutes from downtown, gives the homebuyer the best of both worlds while also instilling a sense of community that brings people closer together.

#2. Social Spaces

People want to live really fulfilled lives and share experiences with friends, I believe more now, than ever before. This is why we build homes with amazing spaces for entertaining. One of my personal favorites is rooftop decks with an outdoor kitchen and gas lines for grills. We make sure that these decks can be used year-round by adding in a hot tub and fire pit. Taking the time to design and build these amazing social spaces into a home is one of the best features we can give our Aerial homebuyers.

#3.  Lifestyle and Design

Having a bunch of junk and clutter laying around because there is nowhere to store it creates a sense of anxiety and entrapment. Homeowners want to feel inspired by where they live. We design homes that capture the most out of the space like including walk-in attics and under-closet staircases. Homeowners exist in what a developer creates. By giving people the ability to have freedom in their most safe space we know that they can live really inspired lives.

Bonus Tip: Harness the sharing economy

Not everyone is going to be able to do this with their homes, but it’s something that we include in 90% of Aerial homes. By designing in a rental or AirBnb space into a home, it gives the homeowner the ability to have a second source of income. This creates a sense of freedom  on a different level that we love to give our buyers. Spend the money to design and build in these spaces and I promise homebuyers are going to love it.

Your world is different because of the environment that you exist in. That is something that gets lost with a lot of developers and something that most people fail to realize. I value the impact that my environment has on my life and that’s what I want to give to all Aerial homeowners.

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