The Best Mindset Tool for Prosperity

A prosperity mindset is what sets our group of Force for Good entrepreneurs apart, and it is what helps us always walk in security and never act out of fear. In G-FORCE we define prosperity as “Bountifully attracting more and more opportunities, connections, wealth, and happiness.” Who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?

Recently, I talked about how an aligned brand can drive your purpose into everything you do. But to do this well, you have to know where your purpose is leading you. What is your goal at the end of your life, and what press, awards, achievements, expansions or even new products will help you get there? This is the prosperity you want to attract into your life. 

Remember: humans will always try to put you in a box. By creating your own vision of what you want to be, you can design for yourself what box they put you in. This exercise is part of creating your “public relations” vision board, and it is crucial to filtering what opportunities, connections, and events you should care about.

In my G-FORCE Mastermind last week, I walked our members through how to build a PR vision board. This is an amazing tool that, by helping you visually set your goals, can help attract the opportunities and connections that will drive this prosperity in your life and in your business.

Creating a PR Vision Board

In G-FORCE we talk a lot about using filters to make decisions because perspective can literally make a life or death difference for someone. Since we are focused on creating impact in this world, specifically ending human trafficking in my case, we want to make sure every single moment of our time takes us one step closer to doing that. A vision board is an amazing tool for keeping that vision a priority. That said, when most people think of a vision board, they don’t necessarily think of using it the way we do. 

One of the biggest game changers for me was adding a public relations (PR) section to my vision board. Why PR? Because influence can improve impact and you can earn influence by utilizing the three different types of media we talked about before. So, what would you even put a PR vision board?

  1. A list or visual of publications you would like to be featured in
  2. Awards you want to win
  3. Who you want to be interviewed by (TV, radio, podcast, social media, etc.)
  4. Sponsorships you want
  5. Events you want to speak at
  6. Long term and short term goals

When adding these things to your board, be as specific as possible and only include things that resonate with your soul. You want to make sure that everything about you that’s public facing, directs people to put you in the “right” box; and in turn, attracts the right opportunities. 

For example, potential brand sponsors would want to see things like:

  • You are aligned with their brand mission and values
  • You have relevant followers and engagement
  • You support them (you promote them before they promote you)

The same general guidelines apply to almost all opportunities. If you want to win awards, gain speaking invitations, obtain interview requests, you have to make sure that all your media leads them to that decision. Whether it’s your Instagram account, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, website or YouTube channel, be sure that all your content is consistently representing who you are and what your mission is.

So with that in mind you can begin adding things to your PR board like:

  • Photos of magazine covers you want to be featured on
  • Photos of celebrities or influencers you want to be connected with
  • Articles from newspapers you want to be featured in
  • Product images from brands you want to represent
  • Logos of conferences or events you want to speak at 
  • And any other photos, articles or other physical representation of things related to public relations and your goal

Keep this vision board on display so you see it DAILY. I don’t care who thinks it’s silly or if it doesn’t match your decor. It WORKS behind the scenes of your brain to keep you focused on the prize. Remember this isn’t about you; it’s about all the people depending on you to live in your purpose. The more PR you get, the further your reach and the greater your impact potential is.

When you combine intentionality and PR with the amazing gifts you’ve been given, trust me  – the prosperity, happiness, wealth, connections and opportunities that you seek will follow.

If you want to know more about how to use tools like a PR vision board to drive the success of your business, join our G-FORCE Mastermind! Schedule a discovery interview with us here.

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